We like to work with you.


Good coaching is more than just transfer of knowledge. It is about designing things together in order to take performance to the next level. It is about working with you rather than for you. This is why we like to coach.

Good coaching exactly meets the client’s needs. You are about to introduce a terminology management system in your company? You are in the middle of implementing one? You are already a pro and looking for ways to improve your terminology work? The good news is: It is never too early to talk to us. And the good news: It is never too late. Because there is always something you can optimize.

Depending on your goals, your budget and the time you have available you may choose from the following options:

Our one-day compact coaching looks at important aspects your terminology management needs to take into account. We analyze your present situation. We define problems. We develop measures to be taken. We perform a cost-benefit-analysis.

Our 3-day intensive coaching gets you in shape for leading a terminology working team and helps you make your terminology management more efficient.  

You want more? You get more: 6.5 days of coaching and your own pilot project. Together we will develop a road map for introducing a terminology management system in your company. Your benefits: Termsolutions´ many years of experience and termXpert – our successful consulting tool.


You are looking for something else? Tell us. We will make almost everything possible for you.