Checking terminology with „termXact”

We offer you the best termXact ever.


Building a corporate terminology pool is one thing. Working with it is another story. This is why we released the first version of termXact in 2009. It allowed you to check Microsoft Office files for preferred, forbidden and ambiguous terms. With subsequent updates our tool got more and more powerful. termXact 2016 not only worked with Excel, Word and PowerPoint, but also Adobe InDesign, Framemaker and XML-files. Today we are proud to offer you the best termXact ever. 

termXact not only processes information from the technical documentation software MadCap Flare. It also takes a new logical approach to marking: Partial hits in already marked terms are no longer displayed. Another technical improvement: The „DesktopChecker“, which lets you check texts produced in any editor – even if it is not directly supported by our software.

A user-friendly configuration and a quick selection make the latest release even more comfortable to work with. You can adapt the check mode settings to your individual needs: Choose the colour for preferred, forbidden and ambiguous terms. Have the colours removed from your text after checking. Or check without colours.

Due to multiple requests from our customers we have revised the „Find and Replace” function. For more clarity, the dialog box arranges hits in a list. You can use a hit directly in your text.

termXact features a number of features that not only make life easier. Linking directly to your terminology data base and other relevant documents termXact turns your checking into a collaborative terminology management session: You have a comment? Put it up for discussion with your team. You would like to make a suggestion? Send an email to the responsible terminologist.

Available product versions:

  • termXact for MS Word
  • termXact for MS Excel
  • termXact for MS Power Point
  • termXact for Microsoft Visual Studio
  • termXact for Adobe InDesign
  • termXact for Adobe FrameMaker
  • termXact for oXygen
  • termXact for MadCap Flare
  • termXact Desktop Checker

Our fourty-five-minute online tool presentations are also available in English.

Curious? We are looking forward to demonstrating termXact to you.  Just get in touch.