Customizing terminology management with „myTerm“

We let you design your own custom terminology management system.


Different organizations have different approaches to terminology management. There is no one and only terminology management system that exactly fits every customer. This is why we developed myTerm. myTerm allows you to tailor your system to your needs – and turn termXplorer into a highly customized product.

myTerm offers a number of powerful add-ons:

Single sign-on makes life easier. Once logged into your company intranet, your staff can access termXplorer without having to type in ID and password again. myTerm supports different single sign-on options, adaptable to various SSO solutions. You can also enable „undefined“ access for specific IP addresses.

The smoother the exchange between systems, the more efficient is your terminology work. The myTerm add-on REST API provides the interoperability you need.

myTerm add-ons not only support the conversion of TBX data into various file formats, such as .xml, .csv and .xls. They also make importing and exporting pictures and exchanging graphic files between systems easy.

myterm’s user-friendly graphical interface works with notations and internal links to visualize concept relations.

With myTerm add-ons you can modify the settings of termXplorer features – for example e-mail and workflow automation – to custom specifications.


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