Exchanging terminology data with „tbxConnect“

It’s just a matter of conversion.


TermBase eXchange – TBX – is the international standard for representing and exchanging information about terminology. It ensures that your lexical data can be used in different software applications. Tbx, however, is not the same as tbx. Various dialects have developed over the years. This is why we developed tbxConnect.

tbxConnect converts your terminology data from one dialect to another. And that is not all it does: It produces different target formats within a single transformation process. tbxConnect thus automates data exchange between various internal and external systems, such as your terminology data base, your authoring system, your checking tool, your translation memory system, your content management system, your ERP, and your PIM.

tbxConnect is easy to integrate. Only marginal adjustments to your local or network paths are necessary. Expansion is also no problem: tbxConnect can be started from a web service interface. tbxConnect is also easy to work with: Not only can you automatically start it running a batch file, for example using a cron job or the Windows Task Scheduler. You also tell it when to start – and thus adapt your conversion exactly to your needs.

You are already relying on termXact as your checking tool? Then it is good to know that with tbxConnect, you can check your terminology against automated tbx exports, such as xml, instead of checking against an Excel table. And if you use tbxConnect with termXplorer, you can work with automated imports of tbx dialects from other software manufacturers. 

By the way: You get as much tbXConnect as you need. You can either install single converters separately as a stand-alone solution. Alternatively, we offer a full-service package which allows you to integrate the whole range of converters into your system.


Interested in tbxConnect? Let us know.