Managing terminology with „termXplorer”

Managing your terminology can be so easy.


Too many cooks spoil the broth? Not when you are using termXplorer. There are a number of ways to manage your terminology. Doing it browser-based and company-wide is definitely the most elegant one. This is why we decided to go with this option when we developed termXplorer. We have not regretted it. Neither have our clients.

termXplorer makes managing your multi-lingual corporate terminology very convenient and very efficient. You can discuss terminology with your team, clear a term for corporate usage, and maintain your database no matter where you happen to be because you do it online. Data categories, user groups and access rights are freely definable. You can set up your terminology management system exactly to your needs – and match your workflow.

Once your database contains a basestock of entries, you can kick off your terminology work and let your colleagues take part in it right away. With our corporate license there are no limits to the number of staff members working on a project. A login and backup feature ensure privacy and protect your data. The statistics functions keeps you up-to-date on a project status.

The termXplorer highlights:

  • Concept-orientation and term autonomy in entry structure
  • Freely definable data categories, languages, user groups and access rights
  • Graphical representation of concept maps
  • Comment feature and database for suggestions
  • Numerous interfaces using export services, web services and WebAPI
  • Statistics function, login and backup feature
  • Quick export option
  • Corporate license for maximum cost control


Our fourty-five-minute online tool presentations are also available in English.

Are you tempted to explore new ways to manage your terminology? We are happy to Xplore with you.