TermXact for flare

termXact for Flare makes your technical authoring more efficient.


MadCap Flare is a powerful tool for technical authoring and publishing. We make it even more efficient – with termXact for Flare. termXact for Flare allows you to check your terminology while creating your content. At the same time you can work on your corporate terminology management – collaboratively and online.

termXact for Flare has a lot of very user-friendly features: Check your terminology right in your editor – single paragraphs, sections or complete documents. Select your languages and your highlight colors. Choose between various check modes. Access your hit list in the results pane. Use the convenient „Find and Replace“ dialog.

termXact for Flare also provides various collaborative functions. You can send e-mails to your terminology team, switch directly to your terminology data base, include your terminology manual in the termXact menu bar, or create a quick link to an Intranet landing page.

termXact for Flare works for any number of users, any number of languages, any number of data categories – and lets you adapt your terminology check precisely to your needs.

For all termXact for Flare highlights at a glance please download our fact sheet.


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